Gorges and flora of Parnonas



As well as numerous peaks and high plateaux, the Parnonas range contains a number of dramatic gorges. The most impressive ones are those of Loulougas (accessible from Sitaina), Mazas (Kastanitsa), Spilakion (Platanos), Koutopous (Kastanitsa) and Zarbanitsa (accessible from Platanos, Sitaina, Kastanitsa and Aghios Andreas). Also the waterfall Lepidas can be seen in Platanos.





The Parnonas range was famous in antiquity for its forests and flora. The peaks, the ravines, the slopes and the gorges have their own unique micro-climates with a diversity of interesting flora. Overall more than 1000 species and sub-species are thought to be present here, based on the size and height of the range; more than 600 have been identified to date, of which 113 are officially recognized as rare and 60 as endemic (unique) to the Parnonas range.


The thick and unexplored forests comprise mainly Black Pines, Milokendro, Cedars, Planes, Chestnuts and Carobs - plus the unique in Europe Dendrocendro around the monastery of Malevis.The chestnut forest at Kastanitsa and the cedar forest at Sitaina are considered of unique beauty.The whole area was officially designated as a National Ecological Park in the year 2000.