160-Excursions from Paralio Astros

One day trips to the mountains

Depending on demand, we offer scheduled one-day bus trips to the mountains to visit villages, gorges, and caves, and to look at the flora and fauna.
We also organize trekking and cycling in the mountains.




Cultural events and local festivals

Cultural events and local festivals.
We take groups to performances at local art festivals at Tripolis and Epidaurus. The villages offer local festivals too, usually focused on local produce - for example, fish, cherries, chestnuts. We can also organize trips to these.

Visits to archaeological sites

Twenty to seventy kilometres away from Paralio Astros, there are many interesting and well-known historical sites. These include - Nafplio, Argos, Mycenae, Epidaurus, Acrocorinth, Corinth, Loutraki, Poros, Methana, Hydra, Spetses, Trilpolis, Mantinia, Kalavrita, Mega Spilaio, Olympia, the Cave of the Lakes, Sparta, Mystras, Monemvasia and the Caves of Diros.
We organize one-day trips to the above mentioned archaeological, historical and natural sites.

Detailed itineraries of excursions

1. Paralio Astros - Astros (visit to archaeological Museum - Loukous convent - Archaeological Site of EYA the summer villa of Herodus of Atticus - Tegea (archaeological site and museum) - Aghios Petros - Malevis convent - Aghiannis - Paralio Astros
2.Paralio Astros - Aghios Andreas - Orthokostas convent - Kastanitsa & Prastos (both of these are traditional villages) - Paralio Astros
3. Paralio Astros - Korinthos - Athens (archaeological site and Museum in Acropolis) - Paralio Astros
4. Paralio Astros - Argos - Nafplio -Mycenae (visit to archaeological sites and museums)- Paralio Astros
5. Paralio Astros - Nafplio - Epidaurus - Paralio Astros
6.Paralio Astros - Tripoli - Mystras - (Visit to archaeological sites) - Paralio Astros
7.Paralio Astros - Monemvasia (Visit the old city and museum) - Paralio Astros
8.Paralio Astros - Olympia (Visit to archaeological sites and museum) - Paralio Astros
9.Paralio Astros - Kalavrita -Mega Spileo - Caves of the Lakes - Paralio Astros
10. Paralio Astros - Diros Caves - Paralio Astros
11.Paralio Astros - Leonidion - Elonas Convent - Kosmas village - Paralio Astros
12.Paralio Astros - attend performances at ancient Theatre of Epidaurus (every Friday or Saturday) - Paralio A