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Panorama Apartments

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In Paralio Astros (Region of Peloponnese), a fisherman’s paradise, a real Island in the middle of the Argolic Gulf,

one can find the lovely Pension PANORAMA. Only 50 some meters from a thin sand clear beach extended to nine kilometers

area, you will find a warmth, unique hospitality and enjoy an unforgettable vacation.


   That place was a rocky little island till some four centuries ago – even now some old inhabitants call it THE ISLAND –

with a nice port and a small castle, but the river Tanos nearby over the years brought a lot of dirt and rocks which covered

the marshlands in between the rocky Island and the land across by. It operated as an important port for the transfer of

goods to and from the mainland in the ancient times until now, and the huge sculptures to the Villa of Herodes Atticus were

transferred to the site in Eva, Doliana from this port. So Herodes became one of our oldest visitors after the famous

historian Pausanias.

Area History


    Paralio Astros is in the middle of Peloponnese (the Island of Pelops-Southern Greece) in a cross point from which you

start exploring sites such as Mystras, Sparta, Monemvasia, Olympia, Mycenes, Corinth, Epidaure etc., in distances from 40 to

150 kms. You can use bus or rent a car here cheap enough to visit those sites in privacy. The receptionist will be glad to

assist you.


    The Pension offers 8 comfortable and luxurious apartments with private bath, seating room, verandas, and two separate

bedrooms spacious enough for a family of four and more persons. Each Apartment is fully equipped and taken care by the

owners themselves. The total area is approximately 90 square meters, most likely the LARGEST APTS. In Peloponnese!!


    You will enjoy one of the cleanest beaches still existing, that is why European Union awards the BLUE FLAG each

year.Youwill dine in fine Restaurants if you choose so; visit cozy bars, taverns, side cafes, discos etc. Other points to visit

are  the Light House, the Theater, the Castle, the Byzantine Monasteries all around, the Astros Museum and the famous Villa

of Herodes Atticus newly discovered.

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