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Price (from):72.00


Athens City Tour with tour of the Acropolis
and visit of the
National Archaeological Museum



This tour emphasizes the artistic and cultural side of Athens. During the City tour our guide will explain the important exhibits of all major museums you pass by. Also you will enjoy a better view of the modern side of the city just before visiting one of the Seven Wonders of the World “Acropolis”.


After the guided tour of Acropolis just outside the Parthenon we will drive you to the National Archaeological Museum for a visit, on your own, to admire the exhibits with 6000 years of history to see the Mycenaean gold, the classical bronze statues, and the beautiful frescoes from Akrotiri, the Minoan Pompeii on the island of Santorini and put in prospective what you have heard during the tour. It is hard to leave the Museum.


The museum contains collections of :

-Prehistoric items


-Pottery and Minor art


-Egyptian Art.


Listed below are all the major sites of Athens that you will see with us:

-The Panathenian Stadium

-National Picture Gallery

-The glass Runner

-Megaron Concert Hall

-National Archaeological Museum

-National Theatre

-Omonia Square

-Open Market

-Athens City Museum

-National Historical Museum (Old Parliament)

-Syntagma Square

-Plaka Area

-Downtown shopping center

-Flea market

-St. Nikodimos  Russian Orthodox

-St. Paul’s Anglican

-National Park (ex Royal Gardens)

-House of Parliament (ex Royal Palace)

-Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (Evzones)

-Iliou Melathron Numismatic Museum
(H. Schliemann’s Home)

-St. Denis Roman Catholic Cathedral

-Neoclassical Building of
Central Bank
of Greece

-Academy of Arts & Letters


-National Library

-Presidential Residents (ex Royal Palace)

-Change of the Honor Guards

-Zappio Congress

-Temple of Olympic Zeus

-Hadrian’s Gate

-Dionysus Theatre

-Asclepieum Medical Center

-Herod Atticus Odeon

(St. Paul Acts XVII on Mars Hill)





Adult 72
Child (under 12)  36


Pick-up service from or near your hotel
Guided Tour
Acropolis & National Arch.
Museum Entrance fees.

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